International summer camp «I play sledge-hockey!

International summer camp «I play sledge-hockey!» — one of the most favourite events for young sledge-hockey players. Mutual trainings, communication on different languages, healthy activities on open fresh air, exciting entertainment programme, big impressions and meeting with interesting people — everyday spent together will leave memories for those boys and girls. There are best leading world metodics presented at the camp- all activities are guided by experienced practitioners coaches and qualified doctors. Being surrounded by beautiful nature, 3 meals daily, sport territory, adjusted for people with disabilities, opportunity to visit with the whole family — all of that gives comfortable conditions for every participant of summer gatherings. Free tickets to international summer gatherings «I play sledge-hockey!» are rewarded to families, who actively participate in their team’s life and child’s sledge-hockey league events and also to those who are ready to be not only participants but helpers as well.


Olga Zareckayaя

“We are really lucky that we got to be participants of the super-event- First international sledge hockey camp in Sochi. During ten days participants were playing hockey at the olympic ice, Were meeting hockey players- stars, were participating in a battle for the Sochi Open finals, Were giving interview, were climbing on 2320m and much more. Most important that parents and children became friends and got a strong happiness and a joy charge. When we got in a plain, William asked: ”When do we go back? Will I get to see all the guys again?”. There is the biggest happiness for any parent to see their child being so much filled with joy. Big thanks to all the organisers and Timchenko Fond! We already can’t wait for the next summer!”

Kabesheva Anna
Moscow region

“Thank you for our lovely time, which flew by very fast! Thats so sad to leave. All of us- a great team! Emotions are overfilling - even now - when we all are at home. Kids keep being in touch as well as parents. How cool is that! We are going to miss you all And can’t wait to meet again!”